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My Honest Opinion on Hand Print Art

 Hand and foot print art can be surprisingly controversial! We now have so much access to "perfect" looking activities and crafts to do with your children, that actually look as if a child has been nowhere near them!  My passion is process art, child led creativity where we provide the tools and let them run with it. It is all about the process and doing rather than the perfect Pinterest-worthy finished piece. Process art covers so many learning opportunities, including problem solving, building fine motor skills and it builds self esteem. Many argue that hand print art doesn't encompass any of this, it is adult led and has a defined outcome with no benefit to the child. So, where do I stand? I am, perhaps rather boringly, on the fence. I see a place for process art and for hand prints and our classes reflect this. As a mother I know how quickly those tiny hand prints grow. I am so grateful to have a record over the years to look back on, even if they do make my heart ach

Be an Organised Party Mum!

  Are you the kind of parent who has lists drawn up 6 months ahead of your child’s birthday or do you leave it until 2 weeks before and then panic?! If you fall in to the second category we’ve got a fail safe party plan to take the stress out of party planning, so you can do the important things like celebrate keeping this small person alive for this many years! At Least 8 Weeks Before Plan the Date and Time - you want to ensure family and best friends can make it. Plan the Guest List - Are you going for the whole class or just close friends? Plan the Help - Many hands make light work! Plan the Venue - Are you having it at home or do you need to look in to hiring a hall? Plan the Theme and Activities - Chat with your child about what they would like, are you going to lead the party yourself or take the pressure off and hire an entertainer? Birthday Cake-  Professional, Supermarket or Home Made? Birthday cheat- buy a supermarket cake then add your own decorations to person

Easy Easter Craft - To do at Home

Easter is just around the corner, here's a fun craft you can do with the kids at home! I'm going to tell you how to make some fun and easy 'Easter Shakers'. You Will Need: Uncooked Rice Food Colouring Gel/Paint (as many as you like) 1 tbsp white vinegar Plastic Eggs Tape 1. Pop your rice inside a zip lock bag or tub. If you are creating more than one colour divide it equally. 2. Put a squirt of food colouring or paint in to each of your containers or bags. 3. Add vinegar to each batch of rice and seal your containers. 4. If you have a bag you are going to massage the colouring in to the rice, working it until all of the rice is covered. If you have a tub, simply give it a really good shake until all the rice is coloured. 5. Spread the rice out on a tray and pop it in a warm place to dry, this may take a couple of hours. 6. Once dried you can scoop a spoonful of rice in to your plastic eggs.  7. Seal each egg with tape to prevent spillages. 8. Put your favourite tunes on

Make Your Own Sand - Baby Taste Safe Recipe

  Our baby taste safe sand is always a total winner! It crumbles like real sand but is also great for building sand castles. Most importantly, it's fine for our youngest crafty kids to play with and put in their mouth.* Here's our fail proof recipe! You Will Need: 2 Cups Plain Flour 1/2 Cup Couscous 1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil 1. Mix together the flour and couscous in a bowl. 2. Gradually add the vegetable oil a bit at a time, mixing thoroughly in between. 3.If any clumps develops use your fingers to crumble and break them down. If you would like to add food colouring, add this to the oil and mix before adding to the flour. Once it's ready pop it on a tray for your little one to explore, you can add buckets and spades for an authentic beach feel! *Please note children should not be left unattended whilst playing. This recipe may contain potential allergens.

Why Your Kids Need to Make Mess!

  Are you a parent that finds it difficult not to hover over your child with wipes at the ready? Does messy play sound like your worst nightmare? You are not alone! However, evidence shows that letting your child take part in sensory messy play is really important for a child's cognitive and physical development. Here's why! 1. It allows children to explore the world around them and sparks their natural curiosity and imagination. Outside is one big sensory experience, from jumping in puddles to making mud pies.  2. Children learn through experimenting, trial and error and natural consequences. Messy play provides the perfect safe way for them to practice and learn new skills through play. 3. Messy play gives young children the opportunity to build fine and motor skills. These are essential to complete everyday tasks such as buttoning a coat, writing and using scissors. They also help children with muscle control, coordination and balance. 4. It encourages communication and lang